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Aline Lerner

Aline Lerner

Aline is the CEO and founder of


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Hey. My name is Aline, and I’m the founder of I started it because, while working as a recruiter, I collected a bunch of hiring data and learned that the signals we normally use to judge resumes are broken… and later, that resumes in general are absurdly low-signal.

In a field some of whose most renowned members haven’t so much as attended college and where so much of your worth hinges on what you can build, there has to be a better way. So, at, we built a platform where interviewing is completely anonymous and where anyone, no matter how they look on paper, has the chance to prove their mettle.

In our lifetime, we’ve amassed tens of thousands of interviews and their associated data and metadata. This is some of the {surprising, absurd, horrifying, ultimately encouraging} stuff we’ve learned.

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Aline Lerner

Aline Lerner

Aline is the CEO and founder of

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